QC & Trade Shows

Mike Varley and Brett Maister travel the world reviewing factories, manufacturers, agents and sub-factories.  We have developed a outstanding name with our suppliers as well as the owners and over the past 25 years have developed unbreakable trust.  There are many trade shows that we attend but the true test is always at the factory level where you are able to meet the management, see the technology and systems and start the long road of negotiations to develop outstanding products.

The many USA shows that we attend are just to review some of the products that we have supplied as well as to see what the customers competition is trying to develop.  We are 100% available for our customers as sales people or technology people at all and every trade show to help them close those deals on all of their equipment.

Our offices in WUXI supply us with well versed interpreters who will make sure that our customers come first and that the factory is a 100% approved factory by our QC teams.  Quality is key to the success of all products and when the manufacturers try and make changes the penalties are harsh and we make sure that they never try and change products without customers consent.

Many of our customers have tried to do this themselves but the amount of time it takes is too trying on them and they have decided to focus on what they do best – sell their products and allow us to do what we do best – deal with the factories and develop their products.

“You get what you pay for” – we live and die by this saying.  If you pay less  = you get less.  Many companies believe that they are amazing negotiators and can bring down the prices – they do not realize that the quality will somehow and somewhere drop in the products.  Manufacturing in asia is about “benefit” and without any the factories will walk or produce something inferior to what you have expected.

Leisure Import is one of the only American Based companies that specialize in the leisure industry directly dealing with manufacturers for the world markets.

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