Outdoor Kitchens

In the USA we started the trend of “Outdoor Kitchens”  creating a place where our friends and family could get together and enjoy a American tradition of BBQ.  From this concept we have created a complete outdoor kitchen that rivals most indoor kitchens.  If you can come up with what you would like to do outside – chances are there is a piece of outdoor rated equipment that will meet your needs.  There are Outdoor Grills, side burners, power burners, pizza ovens, deep cookers and fryers, refrigeration and ice makers, doors for storage drawers for storage bins and hood as well as outdoor Tv’s.  If you a perfect outdoor kitchen they have the equipment.

Leisure Import is proud to have been part of this industry for so many year and Mike Varley and Brett Maister have been designing , developing and making outdoor gas appliances and equipment for so many years.  If you need any specialty equipment professionally designed and ETL approved we are the most knowledgable company in the world.  I hope you enjoy some of the islands and please email me if you would like to  your island in this catalogue.