BBQ Design

It is extremely important to understand the market that you are designing for as well as the customer.  The design reflects the unique customers taste as well as their target price point and market.  There is no sense designing a grill program that you as a company love but no one can afford or worse want.  You have to look closely at what sells over what you think sells.  The USA vs Europe is extremely different and if you tried to cross over the designs and features the program will fail.  One of the major considerations is “what do the customers cook”?  if you are in South America and the cooking style is vertical meat with a charcoal heat source well that is unique and you will have to design around that particular customer.  In the Persian culture they cook with skewers and packed meats, chicken and you will have to design a program to make sure they have that ability as well as regular grilling.

Leisure import listens first – investigates the markets and then starts to design to that market.  we always make sure that the customer get a prototype first to test – cook on and show off to their potential customers otherwise “needle in the haystack” syndrome – you will never know.  Each grill is then tested to the highest standard for that country – in the USA we test for ETL but if you are in Africa it may be SABS and we will always meet and exceed the expectations.  We have a staff of designers both engineers, combustion engineers and then visual designers.  Each aspect is carefully reviewed for that market, knobs, bezels, thermometers, panels and hoods so that the company is proud to call this grill “theirs”.

When all is done – the program is complete leisure import places its stamp of approval and away we set the orders into production.  We are not a Volume company but rather a precision cut hand made product so we are extremely limited on who we produce for.


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Brett Maister & Mike Varley


New 2015 Design Available for New Customers – Finished and ETL Approved. email us if you are interested.  If this design is taken we will quickly come up with another one for you exclusively.

Open Design for 2015