Designing a BBQ component

How important is designing a BBQ component?  Why don’t you just take an “off the shelf” tooled product and slap a grill together?

The design elements and function of parts that go onto a grill defines the program.  Parts are not created equal and when a professional design firm that manufactures the equipment designs a program the look will be spectacular and the function perfect.  When designing parts for a grill there is a formulae that has been developed by Leisure Import over many years that we know works.  It is super easy to hire a industrial design company and say “design me a grill and copy this company” and the visual results will be great.  Once you get into the function of the product they always fail.  Design companies have no real idea about the blend of components that are required to have the grill perform at it maximum level.  In today’s consumer a “like” or ” don’t Like” is the key to product success.

As all high end manufacturers understand there is a key dynamic to how equipment performs.  This is almost impossible to replicate without the knowledge that comes with manufacturing gas cooking equipment. The burners will be engineered by the top engineers in the world making the perfect amount of heat for the components it will interact with.  Burner engineering is an Art not a science and only the best can produce burners that perform.   The heat dynamics also play a large part of the design.  Each firebox and diffusion plates interact with heat and burners competently differently.  Last is are the grills and this is also considered an Art.  Grills are not just “off the shelf” round grills but milled pieces of stainless to capture the heat and sear the food.

These are just a few of the design components we take into the initial design we have so many others that allow us to manipulate the heat and produce the perfect blend of flame and sear.



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