Gas Grills are NOT made equal.

If you go to one of the local hardware stores there are no true quality gas grills available.  You will get “great value for money” but nothing like a specialty Store or Website will offer.  Most of the grills that are “restaurant inspired” come from just that – restaurant manufacturing companies getting involved in the gas grill industry.  Most of the welds will be continuous and then ground down and polished – the reason for this is that the fat and grease can be easily cleaned.  The other great quality is the type of metal used and Stainless Steel is the metal of choice.  Beware – there are many many many grades of stainless steel and 304 and 443 is the best so make sure you ask.  Make sure that the BTU’s or British thermal units in each burner is over 12,000 BTU’s but a well engineered grill will optimize the heat and sear the food no matter what.  The flame tamer or Briquette system is preferred by many and LAVA rock is “OUT”!  way too many uncontrolled flair ups so no one uses this system anymore.  Internal lights are great – nothing like holding a flashlight to your face while you cook but if they do not have any – no sweat for about $10 head to your local store and get an LED headlamp – you may look goofy but your food will be perfect.  The grills should be stainless steel – all the way through and thick – the more material you ahve the better it hold the heat and the better it sears your food.  The reason stainless is the best is that most homeowners will NOT look after their grills and stainless basically just cleans down and is ready to use.  The new craze is sear burners and most grills have a retrofit sear burner that will replace one of the main burners – always remeber to remove the flametamer and have the sear burner cook directly to the grills – mucho heat and will sear food super quick.

Enjoy your grilling

Brett Maister – Professional Grill Designer and Manufacturer.

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