Pellet Grills

We are developing pellet grills like crazy for customers all around the world.  The big push for Pellet Grills started with Mark Traeger and the big player Traeger grills Traeger Grills . They have done an amazing development job and dominate the market with Brand and Quality.   Another super lucrative part of the business is the pellets and blends that people are coming up with.

leisure Import and 1stop Manufacturing started an electric manufacturing facility in Guangzhou china to focus on these style grills.   believe it or not there is a dynamic involved for a great pellet BBQ.  Not all pellet systems are created equal so be aware of those online cheap grills you definitely get what you pay for.

we have designed and developed vertical pellet systems, Pellet Smokers and portable pellet grills.  We are fast becoming the premium design, develop and manufacturer of choice for all pellet systems.

This is one of the cool designs we have come up with and have many more in the works.


Contact us to get your program in play and do not be left behind playing catch up.

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