We design, create and manufacture precision cut hand made grills & accessories.

Customers love accessories. When you have a well developed grill program there are so many accessories that can be used on your grills. The accessories compliment the cooking and allow for ad-on sales plus a story on how to use the grill and get the best results from the grill. We design and develop accessories for all grilling styles.

Universal Pizza Oven Kit for 22 to 22.5 inch kettle grills

Kamado cover

KAMADO or Charcoal BBQ Covers

Pizza Stone with Carry Rack

Pizza Stone with Stainless Carrier

Kamado cast iron charcoal grate

Cast iron Charcoal Grate for KAMADO

charcoal Basket with seperator 1

Charcoal Ask Baskets

BBQ or KAMADO charcoal seperator

Round Stainless Charcoal Separator

Kamado Cooking System

Kamado Cooking System

kamado pizza stone

Kamado Pizza Stone

Kamado cooking grills

Cooking grill 304 SS or Cast Iron 1/2 Grill

KAMADO grill expander

Kamado or Charcoal Round BBQ second level Grill

Kamado warming rack

Round Warming Rack for Kamado or Round Charcoal BBQ

Kamado cooking grate combo

Kamado or BBQ Cooking Grate Combo

Kamado Stainless steel cooking top

Griddle and Cooking Top Kamado

18.5 Kamado cooking grill

Round Stainless Cooking grate

18" round stainless griddle

Universal Round Stainless Griddle

Electric Charcoal Starter

1500W Electric Charcoal Starter

BBQ Light

Internal BBQ Light

infrared back burner

Infra Red Back Burner

therm 3

BBQ Thermometer

Griddle 1

BBQ Griddle

handle 1-4

Island Accessory Handles

endcap 4

Hood Handle brackets

custom bezel 1

Custom Knob Bezel

knob 1-5

Custom Knob Selection

Ice 1

Drop in Ice Bin

custom Sink

Custom 304 Stainless Steel Sink

cart tank slide

BBQ Cart LP tank slider

cooking grills

BBQ Grills 304 Stainless 8mm

wok topper ss

Stainless Steel Wok Topper

Vertical Chicken

Vertical Chicken Roaster