We design, create and manufacture precision cut hand made grills & accessories.

Customers love accessories. When you have a well developed grill program there are so many accessories that can be used on your grills. The accessories compliment the cooking and allow for ad-on sales plus a story on how to use the grill and get the best results from the grill. We design and develop accessories for all grilling styles.

veg rack

Adjustable Jumbo Grill Basket


BBQ Tongs

steak knife set 4

Steak Knife Set

Stainless Grill topper

Grill Topper

SS topper

Stainless Steel Grill Topper


BBQ Skewers

silver brushy

BBQ Grill Brush BRASS

S mitt

Silicone Grill Mitt

roast set

Non Stick Roasting Set

ribrack tray

Non Stick Rib Tray & Rack

rib rack

Non Stick Rib Rack

rev griddle

Non Stick Reversible Griddle

non stick wok

Non Stick WOK

non stick

Non Stick PIZZA set

meat therm

Meat Thermometer Set

hot dog roller

Hot Dog Roller

grill brush 1

Grill Brush replaceable head

grill basket

Grill Basket

fish grill

Fish Basket

fajita kit

Cast Iron Fajita Kit

Extension Fork

Extension BBQ or camping fork

digital therm fork

Digital BBQ Temperature reading fork

Dig therm wire

Digital RF Thermometer

cutting board

Wood Cutting Board set w/ Basting Kit

cooking grill round 21.5

22.5″ Round replacement grill

cooking brush 2

BBQ Brush

chicken roaster

BBQ Chicken Roaster

charcoal starter

Charcoal Starter

ceramic B 3

Replacement Ceramic Briquettes

Cast Iron smoker box

Cast Iron Smoker Box