Summer 2014 – whats HOT

There are some amazing new grills that are about to hit the markets for summer 2014.  New accessories like Pizza Stones that go into the grills, Aluminum Grill Bake systems and some cool “advanced” grills with App Applications.  Definitely PIZZA is a must in all grills for getting the family together to create your own PIZZA sensation is a must.  When looking for a grill make sure the grill has a ETL or AGA certification.  This shows you that the grill has been “TESTED” and passed all the tests for that standard.  If your grill is missing AGA, ETL – I would skip and look for one that is approved.

All grills are NOT created equal – do not think if you pay $200 for a grill you hanna get a restaurant quality cooking experience – not hanna happen.  There are “GRILL DYNAMICS” that have to be applied to some of the better grills like BTU’s, Material Type, welds over rivets and screws, polishing over just plain edges etc etc.  There are now many grills on the market under $1000 that are amazing and will do a great job for you.

Make sure the grill can accept a SEAR BURNER – they make the searing a breeze.

Have a happy Summer and enjoy each day with a BBQ.




Brett Maister

Grill Designer & BBQ Lover.

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