The Best accessory for a BBQ – a sear burner if available.

Absolutely the best things to come out of the restaurant industry used in the home gas grill will be the sear burner. The restaurants use salamanders to sear and cook their steaks and we have adapted this a little to have the burner under the food rather than on top. This little nifty burner sears all the juices into the meats and penetrates deep so that the outside cooks quickly leaving all the juices inside to plump up the food.  Most stainless steel gas grills that are good quality will allow you to replace one of the burners with a sear burner.

These Burners are not” cook all the time” burners – they are used 100% to sear or if you like the food seared on the outside and raw in the middle – you have just found heaven.  Each manufacturer has Burners specific and they are NOT universal so do not try – its dangerous.  If the manufacturer does not have one available for their grill- its not available.  If you are building a grill in – “Jackpot” there are many sear side burners available and an awesome addition tot he bbq island.

The basic cost will be from about $100 – up to $200 depending on the brand and the quality.  There is big gas engineering involved in these burners and the high end ones will allow you to control the temperature a little.

To me cooking right – requires a sear burner to start.

Brett Maister

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