Videos – Factory and products

We design, create and manufacture precision cut hand made grills & accessories.

Leisure Import creates the best advanced robotic gas grills and accessories in the world. The Old school precision cut hand made product are what we strive to produce. With over 60 years combined knowledge of gas grills, Mike Varley and Brett Maister are bringing affordable quality products back to the marketplace. We have been told by some of the best importers that the quality of our grills cannot be replicated. The demand to expand is always there and we will only grow with the maintenance of the same quality and values as we started this company and factory with. Each importer in the USA started off with “get me margin back in the sale” and we did just that. The same grills from other companies cost way more than our products yet our quality is amazing. Whats the secret? “BBQ LOVE” – seriously we love what we do and we are here to elevate the bbq industry with great quality products at unbeatable prices.

Leisure import is at all of the main shows both kitchen and grill to see what is new and to start developing new products that change the way people grill and enjoy the outdoors. BBQ is a place of gathering and we know how important it is to make sure that all the equipment outperforms your expectations and grills like a true gourmet kitchen appliance. Outdoor cooking will continue to grow with new innovative ideas coming out each year but the basics are the basics – create great quality grills and equipment at affordable prices and that is what leisure import does.

We will continue to post new videos of our new factories as well as some innovative products being showed around the world. We thank all of our customers who truly support us and we will strive to always elevate your business with unbeatable products at amazing prices.

Thank you

Brett Maister & Mike Varley.