What is the best selling size for a grill.

The #1 by far is the 4 burner size grills.  These are nice size grills without being oversized.  You have the ability to throw in a sear burner and never run out of space unless you ganna cook for a ton of people.  The 4 burners normally come with a infra red back burner allowing rotisserie cooking to be done.  Get your “Chef” on with an amazing prime rib done on the rotiss over hours and hours of slow cooking – add some smoke into the grill and “WALA” amazing – lightly smoked prime rib – Hungry yet?

You can also throw in a griddle plate and have tons of room to grill or just “Zone” the grill by turning the burners at different levels and cook – well done / medium and rare all at the same time.  Turn the two outside burners on and the middle off and place a V rack in the middle with a drip tray and cook indirectly, you can do the same with Beer Butt Chicken.

The best size by far – 4 burner with infrared back burner.

That’s my vote

Brett Maister

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