What type of cooking grill sears the best?

What a question.  There are so many dynamics that will allow you to sear the food quickly not just the grills.  Let’s talk heat first.  the best searing system is the infrared burner absolutely hands down the quickest way to sear meat or fish.  What searing does is keep the moisture inside the food and cooks the outside quickly,  The searing burner does this the best because it penetrates the meat from the inside out and cooks the outside extremely quickly.  Most of the “good” grills out there has an optional sear burner like the BLAZE grills.  Once you place this burner in place “BAM” the cooking experience changes.  the next option is really good burners with heavy duty cooking grill systems.  Not these cheap grills they have no power at all they just allow the food to leak out and become tough.

  • Good BTU’s at least 12,500-20,000
  • Cast Stainless steel burners
    • radiate the heat and continue to pump heat at those flame tamer
  • Heavy duty stainless flame tamers or Briquette systems
    • Flame tamers glow red and create a “infra red heat”
    • Briquettes create more smoke and take a little longer to heat up but have a ton of smoke when fat drips onto them.
  • SOLID – yes SOLID stainless steel grills.
    • the thicker the better
    • They heat up 15-20 min then sear the crap out of your food.

If you want to shine you have to step up to a pro grill like the chefs at any of the great steak houses.  They use the sear system and then grill them to finish off the food.

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