China Factory – WUXI – Leisure Import

We design, create and manufacture precision cut hand made grills & accessories.

Our factory in mainland China is a merge between the best gas engineers in the world, some of the best gas grill designers in the world and a unique secret manufacturing technique that allows our products to be made at unbeatable prices. Automated custom made robotic polishing and welding systems have allowed this small but highly productive facility to pump out large numbers of grills. Our aggressive future expansion will allow us to gain strength and make us even more competitive regarding price. Our world wide partners all bring strength to this unique collaboration of talents and the future of this company is so exciting that we are all working overtime to make sure this happens. If you are looking for a young, well educated, extremely talented company to develop and design a complete backyard kitchen system – you have found us.

Design is our passion – making sure that the customers fall in love with the design is our challange. We focus on all aspects of design, from the custom knobs to the flow of the hood to the front control panel to the mix of LED light that gently floods the controls allowing the customers to “feel” the presence of the grill even though they are not using the grill. Ultimately cooking is what you are after and a perfect balance between heat and smoke is what we strive to achieve and will successfully provide to our end users.

The biggest challenge dealing in China is dealing with the massive language and culture differences as well as the fear of not being able to have issues dealt with. Our Company Crushes that issue for you are dealing directly with our USA based company and we are dealing with the factory. We have been involved with china for over 20 years and have our own systems in place to make sure that you have a flawless supply system that is 100% backed by our guarantee and warranty.

We all truly love what we do and we are all young enough to be able to enjoy this industry for many years to come. We bring the technology of the future to the basics of gas grill manufacturing and all this will allow us to bring Gas Grills into the future just as Apple brought the Iphone into the markets of the world.

You are welcome to come visit our factory at any time and Mike Varley or Brett Maister will be there in China to welcome you and show you what China is all about.

Leisure import is proud to be the exclusive world agent & partner for our WUXI China Manufacturer

When we started developing the JV the small but skilled factory was producing 75 Grills a Year for the Local Markets and now we are proud to manufacture “75 grills a day”. Mike Varley and Brett Maister have successfully developed factory-manufacturing facilities over the past 40 years and with their extensive knowledge and experience elevated this small factory to be a force to be recognized in the Specialty bbq Manufacturing sector.

The factory ownership comes from former AGA and Gas Grill Engineers focused on the mid to high end grill manufacturing. Our factory is “state of the art” says Brett Maister with some of the most advanced machinery in the business. We prototype in 3 weeks where other companies take months if not years. Leisure import has their own employees in the factory watching the quality control of the factory constantly improving the products and elevating the workers to the next level of manufacturing. Precision cut hand made products with pride come out of this factory.